Volume 6: pp. 4

Greetings from the New Editors of CCBR

by Christopher B. Sturdy,
University of Alberta

Thomas R. Zentall,
University of Kentucky


After six years, Ron Weisman and Bob Cook have completed their term as Editors of the Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews (CCBR), an open access journal of the Comparative Cognition Society. CCBR publishes high quality, programmatic review articles covering current topics in comparative cognition. Tom Zentall and Chris Sturdy have been appointed the new editors of the journal. CCBR is published online once a year at http://psyc.queensu.ca/ccbr/.

Each volume of the CCBR consists of a series of articles, most of these have been solicited by the editors to represent cutting edge research in the field of comparative cognition. As the new editors, we plan to continue the excellent tradition established by Ron and Bob to publish the best reviews in the field of comparative cognition. We will also consider publishing high quality unsolicited manuscripts, that like solicited articles have been carefully reviewed by referees selected by the editors. If you are interested in submitting a review article, we would encourage you to send an outline of the article to the editors zentall@uky.edu or csturdy@ualberta.ca to get advice about whether the review would be appropriate for CCBR.

We also plan to encourage and actively recruit authors from related disciplines to consider submitting review paper proposals for consideration and possible publication in CCBR. In particular, we encourage researchers in related fields such as behavioral ecology and neuroscience to consider using our journal as an venue to synthesize major components of their research program, and also, to build bridges, both theoretical and practical, with comparative cognition and behavior researchers who investigate complementary research areas. In this way, we hope to expand and enrich the excellent journal Ron and Bob have established.

Sturdy, C. B., & Zentall, T.R. (2011). Welcome Editorial. Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews, 6, 4. Retrieved from https://comparative-cognition-and-behavior-reviews.org/ doi:10.3819/ccbr.2011.60005