Volume 12: Note

Note: Two New Article Types to CCBR


Marcia L. Spetch
Department of Psychology, University of Alberta

Anna Wilkinson
School of Life Sciences, Joseph Banks Laboratories, University of Lincoln

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We are delighted to introduce two new article types to CCBR.

Comparative Cognition Innovations (CCI)

These articles will focus on recent trends in the field of comparative cognition. They can summarise exciting new data or simply outline new ideas that will move the field forward. The aim is to provide a forum for the communication of innovative ideas to those working in comparative cognition.

How-To Articles

These are explanatory articles that work in two ways: they can either provide those working in the field of comparative cognition with a clear and targeted overview of another field, or provide those working in another field with a clear and relevant overview of comparative cognition. There is no limit to the subject area. The ultimate aim is to encourage more interdisciplinary discussion.

If you are interested in contributing a manuscript to CCBR, then please do get in touch with Anna or Marcia.